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The Altaica Alpha High Performance Funds are an excellent access to the alternative investments spectrum. The funds are under management of Elite Fund Management. EFM is holder of the license assigned by the AFM, included in the register of the AFM.
The Alpha High Performance Funds are the best way for portfolio diversification and to add the power of Alternative Investments to your investments. This with all advantages of licensed funds which are under full supervision of the Dutch financial authorities.

Diversification gives more safety. Our strategies are designed to add higher returns to your portfolio. This to improve the return-/-risk balance. Due to our management style the funds are less vulnerable by the directions of the markets we invest. We invite you to get further information regarding the funds from our fund managers. Sent us your request for our information package by mail or visit our seminars.

Altaica Funds

Multi Alpha Strategies

  • date: 31-08-17
  • year to date: -3.76%
  • annualised*: 0.00%
  • last month: +1.32%

* fund starting date: 1 July 2015

Emerging Alpha Eur-Asia

  • date: 31-08-17
  • year to date*: -3.72%
  • annualised*: 0,00%
  • last month*: -0.53%

* fund starting date: 1 July 2015


August 2017: Altaica EUR-Asia Emerging Fund: -0.53%

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The Indian region and especially Pakistan were responsible for the negative result in August. All other markets performed positively.   We closed our position in Turkey. Markets conditions were unstable and our indicator turned into negative territory. We also lowered our position in the Russian market. The long-term buy signal is troubled by the latest drawdowns. We kept one third of our position by keeping our stake in Prosperity Russia. This year this fund outperformed the Russian equity index massively. In August this fund gained more than 10%.   The Indian markets lost 3% of their value. Not withstanding this loss we didn’t change our position. The cruel market correction of almost 15% of Pakistan came as an unpleasant surprise….

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August 2017: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: +1.32%

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August was the comeback of CTA’s, at least for now. Quantitative strategies were able to turn their strike of loosing months into a solid positive August 2017 result. Two CTA managers gained more than 13%. One of them was a version of the Robeco daughter Transtrend. Most CTA funds were able to benefit from the weakening trend of the US Dollar. Next to the US Dollar development (which was positive now), CTA managers were taking advantage of lower correlations between different asset classes and more coherent trending markets. The funds with a higher correlation to equities were losing a bit. These were the Long/Short equity, private equity and merger and arbitrage funds. Our manager which is trading the bond markets…

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July 2017: Altaica EUR-Asia Emerging Fund: +0.47%

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Last month was quite for most of the Eur-Asian emerging markets. The war in Syria is moving into a more stable situation while IS looks like defeated. This takes pressure away from Turkey. Also within the this country there is more stability. The tourism season has started and the number of visitors to Turkey is recovering. Last month it resulted in a solid 2.5% gain on our Turkish equity positions. Russian markets moved sideways through July. With the ‘right’ selection of investments in Russia we were able to gain almost 0.5% on the Russian equity positions. The stabilisation of the oil price and other commodity prices were the positive drivers. On the other side we have the increased tensions between…

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